Successful Public Speaking

Over the years I have become an expert in public speaking. For 20 years I made my living from motivational speaking. I was not born with the gift of the gab. I recall at school there was a debating class and we all had to take turns debating. I hated it. I was uncomfortable standing in front of the class. I recall I used to blush and sweat profusely.

My thoughts did not flow, and I got tongue-tied. I dreaded the occasions I had to speak. Four years later I was asked to read a passage and comment on it in a youth event. I managed to read the passage and then froze. I said, "This is a wonderful passage" and sat down.

Since then, I have managed to speak before large audiences, in different countries of the world, and an amazing variety of settings. I am still nervous before I start speaking. Every time. Nevertheless, as soon as I start to speak, I relax and enjoy the flow and interaction with the audience.

What made the difference? It was quite simple in fact. Choosing the subject. I discovered if I was familiar with the subject, in fact, an expert in the field, then I communicated confidently and passionately. This led to audience reactions that helped reinforce my confidence. A quietness as they paid attention, warm applause when they agreed with me. I began to realize the issue of public speaking was no personal popularity, but the power of the ideas expressed. Thus, I chose carefully and spoke passionately and became confident in my field.