Careers have gone through many different changes. Years ago, most children went to school and afterward chose a career. There were basic careers available that enabled society to function. Becoming a civil servant was seen as a solid career with a good future.

You entered the Civil service as a school leaver and remained there till you retired at 60. Another career was joining the police force. It was a respectable career with good prospects and a good future. Others perused careers in activities such as farming, fitting, and turning, electricians, and plumbers.

Over the decades the picture has changed. Society has undergone amazing transformations. Especially the emergence of technology. In a few short years desktop computers were invented and became commonplace. Laptop computers arrived and then the smartphone. Life was changing and so were careers. People were finding careers online. From online influencers, blog writers and teaching. One of those was teaching. Instead of being confined to a classroom every time you wanted to learn a subject, you could now learn on your smartphone. This meant that no matter the time, or the place you could open your smartphone and have a lesson. This was especially popular with English language students. I recall having to sit in a classroom and instruct students in English.

Today I simply open the Blabla Live app and begin to give English lessons to students via the app. Likewise, the students no longer need to take long trips to their classrooms to attend class. They switch on their app and can study with their English tutor.