Advice to People Just Getting Started

The first day at a new job is the most exciting and the most difficult of any day. You wake up excited because at last, you are going to start your dream job. As the time draws near for you to start your excitement is joined by nervousness.

You begin to realize how much you do not know. Not only about the job but simple things like the building layout and where the restrooms are. You walk through the doors look at everyone else going in and feel lost.

Some basic tips can help you feel comfortable. When you are informed that you have the position ask directly where you must report. Get the name of a specific person and specific room. Now as you enter your task is to find the office of one person. All it takes is a smile and to ask, "Can you tell me where to find Mary in Room 9?". You will quickly find someone who will direct you. If you have never met Mary before, ask for her description. As you walk along with your guide simply say that you have never met Mary before and ask, "What is she like?" That will keep the conversation flowing and give you useful information.

Once you are connected to your superior at work you may be given a mentor. Always ensure you remember their names and use them. A mentor is useful as they will spend time introducing you to your place and role in the organization. You will be given a workplace and be introduced to colleagues. Ask for the restroom, kitchen, and various staff areas. Confirm the working hours and when you can have a lunchbreak. Make notes as the day passes especially about your daily routines. That means tomorrow when you arrive you can feet to your notes and start being productive. At the end of the day thank your mentor for their help and let them know you appreciated their input. Do not be the first person out the door. Try to leave with the others in your department. 

Joining Blabla Live to start learning English can also be stressful. But the same rules apply. Make sure you know who to connect with. Find out who your teacher is and where you can connect with them. Ask questions and become comfortable with the learning platform. The tutors at Blabla Live will always help you get started.