Zach Lewis

Hello! My name is Zach, and I spent most of my life living in the United States.  I moved from Texas to Hong Kong about one year ago.

I worked for a very large company (FedEx) for about 15 years in their IT, Tech Support, and Customer Support departments as a manager and director.  Most recently I worked at a customer loyalty startup company, I was the director of operations overseeing all the customer and technical support for the company.

I moved to Hong Kong to go on a new adventure with my wife.  She has lived in Japan, Korea, and France, and has always loved Hong Kong in China.

She had a job opportunity here that we couldn’t pass up, so we sold almost all of our belongings and moved half way around the world

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex a spread-out metropolis, with about the same number of people as Hong Kong, you need a car to get almost anywhere you need to go. People generally live in homes with yards, and high-rise apartments are very rare.

Hong Kong has vast numbers of people in a very small space, and you can walk or take public transport anywhere you need to go, my home in Dallas was considered small, and it was 3 bedrooms and 155 square meters. A large 3-bedroom apartment in Hong Kong is half that size, and the rent is 500% more!

 My wife and I love to go on adventures together!  We love to skydive, scuba dive, paraglide, hike, camp. And skydiving is where I met my wife.