Sophia Sudak

Hello everyone! I'm Sophia Angel Sudak. I grew up in London, England. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Education I've been teaching online as well as in the classrooms.

I have a huge pet tortoise in my garden, a white cuddly cat called Josie and 2 German shepherds. I'm also crazy about learning languages!! Pro-tip: Once you learn one foreign language, the others are easier! I promise you :)

I want to share a cute story from my audio lesson! My student Helen surprised me by quoting a phrase out of one of my videos on Blabla. She says that following my videos has helped her to experience my life and activities she’s never tried before (like horse-riding, ice-skating and traveling). I'm SO glad to hear how I helped someone improve and hope to help many more students.

The best way to learn English is with a friend. You get to learn the natural language you’d use to discuss your everyday life, your feelings and events in your life. That’s why audio chat rooms are so lovely as we can enjoy a free conversation about life and you can learn to speak about yourself and maintain a conversation. I’m looking forward to meeting each one of you in my class and hearing your English as we chat like old friends :)