Your New Year Resolution 

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As 2022 starts, many people make New Year resolutions!  Did you? Looking back to 2021, did you keep your 2021 New Year resolutions? Most people do not! I have a trail of New Year resolutions built up over my lifetime that were not achieved. However, there were some notable ones that I did achieve. Last year, I decided to make a resolution regarding my health, and I am happy to say I kept to it 100 %. I no longer spend a lot of money on an unnecessary product, nor on medication.

When making your resolutions, you need to be resolute. Which means “purposeful, determined and unwavering”. Now, it is easy to be all three when you sit in the comfort of your home and daydream about how you want the new year to work out for you. The problems come a bit later. The first issue I encounter, as I am sure so do many of you, is the lack of a plan. If you don’t have a plan, you won’t fulfill your purpose.

Before I have been successful at keeping my resolutions, I had to do some research on the subjects. This enabled me to see what obstacles and difficulties I might encounter. Once that was clear, I looked to see how I could avoid these pitfalls. Once I had the full picture, I was able to plan sensibly. Going to the gym is a common one. You need to pick days when you are most likely to be free and times when you are most likely to make it to the gym. Then you need to decide on the gym and sign up and start. It often helps to have a personal trainer at first to assist you. Apart from the knowledge they impart, they also create a discipline. You know they are expecting you, so you arrive on time.

Learning English is very similar. If your new year resolution is to improve your English learning and English speaking, then you need to plan accordingly. First, look at what hinders you from speaking English. Typically, it is the fact you live in a non-English country. How can you overcome that and have easy access to English speakers whenever you need them? Today you can sign up with Blabla Live and have access to speaking English, listening to English speakers and learning English 24/7.

Blabla live provides over 10000 videos prepared by native English speakers. You can access these any time on your smartphone and listen and learn in a fun and interesting way. You also can join audio lessons for free and listen in as native speakers teach English. There is a Round Table chat room where you can meet with other English speakers and chat for free. If you prefer, you can have personal or group lessons with a live native speaker who will teach you and help you meet your goals. A personal trainer!