What does the IELTS test involve? 

How does this test work? The candidate makes an appointment to do the test, either in person or online. At the test, they will have to speak in English with their examiner. The examiner will ask questions and the candidate answers them within a fixed time limit.

Then they do a listening test that usually involves listening to people having a discussion, and then a short excerpt from a lecture. Then the candidate answer questions relating to what they heard. 

The next test is a reading test. The candidate reads an article and then must answer questions from the article. This is also within a time limit. 

The final test is a written test. The candidate wanting an academic pass, usually required by universities, is given a graph and some data and must write a summary of the information given. Alternatively, in a non-academic test, the candidate may be asked to write an email to their landlord explaining why they cannot pay their rent.

The fact the whole test is set rigidly within a time constraint increases the pressure and shows the level of the student. A student with a high level of English will quickly respond. They will read analyse and answer in a short space of time. This less proficient will take longer and this helps the examiners to judge the standard of the candidate.

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