Verb Tenses

When you speak English your verb tenses are very important. If you want to speak like a native speaker you will need to pay attention to the verb usage, In the basic structure, we have three tenses. These are the present tense, the past tense, and the future tense. These are commonly called simple tenses. If we look at the verb 'to be' 

Past simple: I was  Present Simple: I am  Future simple: I will

We can build sentences using these. 'I was at the shop. I am at the shop. I will be at the shop.'

However, other tenses come into the picture. In all, there are 12. We have simple tenses as we mentioned. There are also continuous tenses. These include Past present and future continuous tenses. These are followed by the Perfect tense. They also have past, present and future. Finally, we have the perfect continuous as well.

Samples of these are:

Continuous tense is formed by using "the verb 'to be' and… 'ing'

‘I was going, I am going, I will be going’.

The Perfect tense is ‘ I had read, I have read, I will have read.’

Perfect Continuous  ‘I had been reading, I have been reading, I will have been reading.’

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