Using the Simple tenses

The beginning and easiest tenses to learn are the SIMPLE tenses. These have three sections. The present, the past, and the future simple tense. Below are samples

Present simple tense:        He hunts

Past simple tense:             He hunted

Future simple tense:         He will hunt

As you can see this is a very basic form of English. 

Mary stops at the store for bread

Mary stopped at the store for bread

Mary will stop at the store for bread 

This simple tense will enable the speaker to communicate their thoughts, however, the communication is basic and without any nuances. 

Past tense:                        Mary went to the shop.

Future Tense:                   Mary will go to the shop.

Present Tense:                 Mary goes to the shop. 

Whilst I say this is the basic form of the verb, I must stress that it is also the essential foundation of verb usage. All verbs must be defined by their place in time. Either it is happening now, or it happened yesterday and finally, it is happening tomorrow. Past, present, future tenses define the foundation. All the other tenses build on the past present and future tense. 

This tense is the default tense therefore if in doubt use this simple tense. However, you should always use it when describing facts and using generalizations. 


Present:                                                                   She writes 

Past:                                                                        She wrote

Future:                                                                    She will write

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