english with blabla live

Today there are some exciting careers available to young adults. Many of them involve tourism and travel. You could go and live on a beautiful island and work in a hotel or a restaurant. It maybe you could be a tour guide. If the ocean appeals to you there are many different jobs available on cruise ships. You can work as a nurse a doctor a photographer clerk or a cook to name a few. Living on a luxury liner travelling from country to country enjoying meeting people and experiencing different cultures. Imagine the endless pleasure you can have. Different places, food, scenery, and people. Living life in luxury in the best hotels and cruise ships practicing your chosen career and building your cv for your future development. 

However, no matter what career you chose if you want to travel and work in tourism on islands of ships you will need one qualification for sure.  If you want this life you will need to learn to speak English. Speaking English opens many doors for you in tourism.

Blabla Live app will help you learn English. On Blabla Live you can watch 10000 short English learning videos for free. You can speak English in the Round Table chat rooms for free. There are free classes you can attend and learn to speak English. Finally, you can pay for English lessons with native English speakers. These lessons are either one on one or group lessons.