Throw out your old text books

speaking english with blabla live

You have a busy life! In the morning you rise early, have breakfast, and leave for your job. You might be in the traffic, or on a bus, or a train. After an hour, you arrive. You work nonstop until lunch break. Then you finish your day and ride home again. 

At home, you relax and then need to have dinner, chat to the family, and attend to some chores. Eventually, you get out your textbook and dictionary and try to learn English. You struggle to concentrate, and you are not sure if what you are learning is correct, as you have no tutor to help you. 

Good news! If you want to learn to speak English and do it is a professional way without it always being a victim to your busy lifestyle, you can. There is a new Blabla Live app available for those who want to learn English. If you want to speak English like a native speaker, you can.

Blabla Live provides native English speakers to tutor you. They have provided 10,000 short videos you can listen to for free. You can learn sentence structure and pronunciation, plus build your vocabulary. In short, you can learn to speak English confidently. You can listen into audio classes for free and join a free chat room where you can talk to native speakers and other students in English. If you want personal audio classes with a native English speaker, you can arrange classes for a small fee. These can be private one on one classes or group classes with 2 or 3 other students. 

You can now get up and while you are travelling in the car, bus or train you can be listening to and practicing your English of the Blabla