The Wonder of Language 

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Language is an amazing thing. We all have thoughts, ideas, and feelings. It does not matter who you are. Your nationality does not stop you thinking. Your social position does not stop you from speaking. Neither does age stop you from thinking and speaking once you are over 3 years old. We express what we think, desire, and feel through our language. 

As the nations of the world have different languages, we find our identities are also shaped by our languages. People shape their cultures by their language identity. The main problem of language is that we cannot understand what the other person is feeling, thinking, or saying unless we can speak and understand their language, or they can understand your language, or we both understand another language. 

This was not too much of an issue in the past. Transport consisted of walking, riding a donkey or horse or camel and occasionally float in a ship. Nations lived separated from each other by great distances, and seldom had to understand each other.  In areas where people lived near to people of a different language, because of lack of transport they were seldom integrated. 

But now things are different. Since the industrial revolution, people have increasingly become mobile. This mobility has not only been found in cities and countries. It has involved travel by large ocean-going liners between continents and air travel that can cross continents and in a matter of hours. 

People have become more prosperous, and millions now travel to different cities, countries and continents. They do this for recreation, tourism, and business. ICAO estimated 4.5 billion people flew in 2019, With such numbers traveling to different countries the need to be able to communicate becomes vital. Just asking directions in a country where you don't know the language can be a nightmare, let alone trying to seal a business deal.

Fortunately, a language has emerged as an accepted international language. That language is English. Over 1.5 billion people speak English worldwide. Of those, only 500 million are native English speakers. 

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