The 12 Tenses 

12 main tenses fit into 4 different groups. So, you can relax!!!
It is not difficult once you understand the three groups and 4 subgroups.

The Present Tenses 
Present Simple
I do, I do do
Present Continuous
I am doing
Present Perfect
I have done
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been doing

The Past tenses
Past Simple
I did, I did do
Past Continuous
I was doing
Past Perfect
I had done
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been doing

The Future Tenses
Future Simple
I will do
Future Continuous
I will be doing
Future Perfect
I will have done
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been doing

Having shown you there are 12 tenses it is time to tell you not to get too obsessed by the tenses. The essential part of the verb tenses is past, present and future. This is the main communication requirement. I did this today, I do it now, I will do it tomorrow. It allows you to communicate a time frame without using a lot of words. The sub-points such as continuous, perfect are there just to add nuances to the main idea. Remember to just speak naturally!

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