Tackling Verbs in English

The English verbs are divided into two groups. These are the regular verbs and irregular verbs. Fortunately, most verbs are regular and therefore the rules apply to them. The irregular verbs however need to be memorised.

All regular verbs when taken to their base past tense form simply add "ed". 

For example, 
Play - played                                Learn - Learned
Let's play soccer.                        They played soccer
We must learn English.               They learned English

So it is simple to have and apply the rule of taking the verb form and adding "ed" 

If it ends in a consonant, it replaces the 'y' with an ‘i' and add 'ed'

For example, 

Marry - married                             Hurry - Hurried                             Study - Studied

People marry mostly on Saturdays.          Mary married John last week
Hurry up, or you will be late.                    John hurried, but he still missed the train

But irregular verbs do not fit the rule at all. Their base form either stays the same or changes completely when used in the past tense.

For example, 

The Same,         cost - cost           hurt - hurt     

How much will it cost?             It cost him a lot of cash.
You can get hurt.                    He was hurt by a car

Different           Buy -   bought           find - found 

I buy my clothes at the local shop.          He bought his clothes at the local shop
I find it difficult to study.                         He found it difficult to study

You will need to learn the irregular verbs past tense and past participle words

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