english with blabla live

Sitting by the pool overlooking the Indian Ocean sipping a refreshing fruit juice I saw a young couple approach. They were stopped by the swim pool attendant. He greeted them and asked them for their room keys. He was checking that they were guests at the hotel.It soon dissolved into chaos. He was speaking English, but the couple did not understand English. Fortunately, my wife is Russian speaking, and she was able to interpret to the couple and their replies to the attendant.

As we sat together chatting, we realised how useful speaking English is. Wherever you go and you encounter a language difficulty English is the common language that enables smooth communication. My wife sat by the pool with her smartphone. I could see she was using her English learning app. Blabla Live is her favourite. She can access the chat rooms for free and converse with others. There she can listen into classes for free. And when she wants to, she books a private or group lesson with native speakers.

No matter where we are she has access to English speaking assistance. She can speak English; she can listen to native English speakers and learn, and she can watch 10000 videos and build her vocabulary and pronunciation.