Learn English

It is fun meeting new people. If you travel in different countries, you will see so many interesting things. There are buildings that are magnificent or beautiful. In some places there are beautiful paintings and sculptures. Different countries have unique national dress and food. These cultural differences are fascinating. And behind every one of them is a story.

In Italy I was walking around Roma and looking at some of the amazing buildings. But because I did not know their history, I did not have full appreciation of them. When I asked people about their history, I could not understand their replies. I do not speak Italian.

Then I met an Italian person who could speak English. As I also speak English and French, we now had a common language.  He explained to me about the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, Italy, were the city's second largest Roman public baths. The baths were likely built between AD 212 and used until the 530s.

The use of English bought to life the Baths. I could imagine how it was when they were being used. Speaking English enables people to communicate and share. He enriched my life by speaking to me in English. He did not use high level words of an archaeologist but clearly communicated with me.

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