Small things …..

Small things can lead to big things. A small thing can lead to a big mistake. We were in Washington DC. It was in July and very hot. Having seen the Lincoln memorial, we wanted to see the Jefferson memorial. 

We struggled to find someone to give us directions. But we thought we were told to walk in a certain direction. We followed the direction but not sure if we had been understood. After 2 hours we arrived at the memorial. We were exhausted. After resting and drink water we were ready to leave. We were dreading the 2 hours walk back to Lincoln memorial.

Suddenly my daughter said, "Weren't we there earlier?" She pointed to the obelisk. It was at the Lincoln memorial and about a kilometre away. We walked 2 hours because we could not communicate with the people was asked directions from. So, it is if you can't speak English. You can end up walking miles when it was just round the corner.

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