Practice Practice Practice

The fact is that practice is an essential part of learning a language. By practising you first learn to speak the language. It starts slowly and it is very difficult. At this point, you wonder if you will ever get to speak fluently. But you keep on speaking. It does not matter how many mistakes you make. You correct them and keep on talking.

After a while, as you learn new words, pay attention to the corrections you receive you begin to speak better. Now you need to keep on practising. As you do the improved level will become dominant. Your memory will quickly and easily find the words you need, and your tongue will begin to wrap around them

Then you continue to practice. Now the level you have gained becomes established and normal. Now you add new words, expressions to your vocabulary bank. You refine your pronunciation and soon you are speaking fluently and correctly.

Now keep practising! If you don't, you will end up 'losing' it. You will forget words and how to structure the sentences. You will not be able to remember how to pronounce words and it will dissipate. 

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