Pilot Training 

speaking english with blabla live

The pilot was sitting in the hotel in Africa in a beautiful hotel. We started chatting. He enjoyed his life. He made good money following his passion. He had wanted to be a pilot since he was young. As he grew up, he realised that if he wanted to travel the world he would need to speak English. At pilot training it was made clear all pilots had to be proficient in English. All communication between the pilots and the controllers was conducted in English worldwide.He had decided to learn to speak English. He told me it was difficult as he had to attend English classes and work.

Today you can get Blabla Live app on your smartphone and turn your free time into English lessons no matter the time, nor where you are. On a bus, in a car on the train you can listen to and learn English speaking. Free lessons by native English speakers, free videos created by native speakers are available on line 24 /7. There is the Round Table chat room where you can meet others and practice speaking free of charge. Finally, you can buy private lessons or group lessons with qualified native English speakers.