Lost in a city

speaking english with blabla live

Lost in a foreign city I was trying to find out how to get to my hotel near the airport. Unfortunately, I did not know the local word for airport, nor for hotel. When I approached people, they looked at me with blank faces. They did not understand what I was asking.Finally, I saw a KFC and went inside. I smiled at the assistant and greeted her in the local language. I then spoke in my own language. She did not understand d.

I decided to try speaking English. Her face lit up with understanding. She could speak English. I asked directions to the airport. When she finished telling me in English I thanked her, purchased some chicken, and left. I was so grateful to her. She explained that she learned English and because she spoke English, she got the job at KFC. It was something that other applicants could not do. You never know when speaking English will be helpful. You may help a lost traveller, or you may get a job at an international company.

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