Improving your spoken English 

The hardest part of learning to speak a foreign language is the pronunciation. English is not an exception. 

Once you have learned the grammar and the rules regarding verbs and sentence construction you need to speak. It is here that the struggle begins.

Different languages have different sounds relating to the same letters. An example is in French the 'h ' is usually silent. In English, it is pronounced clearly and strongly. The word "Hotel" in French is pronounced "'otel" but very clearly "ho tel" in English. 

What is good to keep in mind in English we have 5 vowels. These are the letters A, E, I, O, U. There is never an English word without a vowel. Some have two or three vowel sounds. These vowels are vital to how you pronounce the words.

For example, take the vowel 'A'. This has two primary pronunciations. One is a long sound the other is short. The word "day" is pronounced with a long sound i.e. "d aaaay "while the word a-pple is a short "a" sound. It is also seen the word "at".

This is true of all the vowels. They have long and short sounds. If you begin to learn the vowel sounds it will directly affect your pronunciation.

Samples of long sounds are day, feed, I, food, union

Some short sounds are
apple, fed, hit, on, uncle.

There are other variations as well but there are only 5 vowels. So, if you spend some time learning the different variations in the pronunciation of these five your spoken English will improve as every word you speak involves sounding vowels.

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