IELTS Listening test

The Listening test takes 30 minutes and there is no difference between the Academic and General versions of IELTS

The test involves listening to a mix of four monologues and conversations and answering questions about what you heard. and consists of four recorded monologues and conversations.

There are different ways of testing. 

  1. The one is by using a form. The form will involve details that relate to what you heard, You then fill in the details on the form. The form may have sketches and diagrams. You will fill in your answers according to the numbers on the questions. 
  2. Another method they may use is after you have heard the conversation you have a form with multiple choices questions. You then select the one that you think is correct. 
  3. They can give you 'short' answer questions. This involves a form where you read the question and give a short answer on the form. Another method they may use is missing word sentences. You read the sentences on the form and must fill in the missing words. These words were the ones used in the conversation you listened to. 

The bottom line is these test your listening skills. When you hear the conversation, you only hear it once. You need to take down short notes and memorize what you can. Then you answer the questions. Those who have a better grasp of English will remember more and get higher scores. It is also set on a time limit to show how good your English is.

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