How to use the Continuous Tense

The continuous tense operates within prescriptions of past, present, and future. Therefore, you will have past continuous, present continuous and future continuous. This continuous tense is very popular and reasonably easy to use. It is the simple tense with an addition that gives you more information. It describes the activity of the event however, it also tells you the action is ongoing. 

The continuous tense is formed by using the verb “to be” and a secondary verb ending in “ing”

Present continuous:            
used to describe currently ongoing (usually temporary) actions

“She is shopping for dinner tonight.”

Past continuous:              used to describe ongoing past events, often in relation to the occurrence of another event

“She was shopping when she received a phone call.”

Future continuous:         used to describe future events that are expected to continue over some time

“She will be shopping every week for the next three months.”

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