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speaking english with blabla live

Your child comes home from school and starts their homework. At the end of the term their report comes, and you see they are failing English. You talk to them, and they say, “I don’t understand English. I don’t understand the grammar, the verbs, the sentence structure and especially the pronunciation. You point out to your child.   You must learn to speak English. It is necessary for your grades and your future.”

Next term, your child calls to you. You go over to the desk and get asked, ” What does this mean?” You look and see it is English. Furthermore, you also see that you don’t know. Now there is a problem. Your child is trying to speak English and asking for your help. You cannot help! 

Fortunately, there is a solution! You can get a 24/7 personal English tutor who can help your child to speak English. Just download the Blabla Live app. It is free. Once you have it you have access to 10,000 English videos where English teachers help with sentence structure and pronunciation. There is a free chat room where native speakers can help you with speaking English. You can also listen in to English audio classes for free. Native speaker English teachers are doing the teaching, and you can listen and learn.

If you want to have a personal one on one audio class with a native English-speaking tutor, you can book a class for a small cost. These can be either one on one or small group classes.