Getting ready to travel

Learn english

When you get the opportunity to travel there are certain things you need to attend to before you can go. First you need to have money saved so you can buy your ticket. Whether you travel by train, ship or a airplane it will cost you money. After that you will need to arrange accommodation. There is nothing worse than arriving in a foreign country after a long flight and you have to find accommodation on arrival. I know because I have done it. But I learned to pre book accommodation at least for one night so I can disembark and go to a room, shower change, eat and sleep. Once you have those practical items sorted out you then need to look at your paperwork. Your passport must be up to date and your visa current. 

Finally, you will need to find out what languages are spoken at your destinations. If they do not speak your native language you will need to do two things. The one is to memorise some basic words in their language. This will not help much but ot will show that you are friendly. What will help is to learn to speak English. Most countries of the world use English as a second language and it is known as an international language. Blabla Live app is an amazing help to those who want to learn or improv e their English. Blabla lets you access over 10000 English videos where you can learn to pronounce words, build your vocabulary, and learn how to talk to people in English correctly. It is free!  Then you can listen in to native speakers giving audio classes for free. Here you can develop even further. If you want to have personal lessons with an English native speaker you can take lessons either one-on-one or in a small group class for a small fee. Finally, there is a chat room where you can meet with English native speakers and other students and chat for free.  Blabla Live app downloads to your phone and is available 24/7 no matter where you are. Turn you spare time and wasted time on commutes into valuable English-speaking development.