We are expanding!

We are expanding! Our app launched in Japan, Turkey, Spain, and LATAM countries.  Turkey was for many centuries the cosmopolitan city situated between Asia and Europe. It still occupies the same space and has a large and diverse community.  As a cosmopolitan city, the need to speak a common language has increased. Spain has also a wide international presence, especially in South America. Many countries speak Spanish. 

English is the most spoken international language. No matter where you are in Asia and the east, or Europe and the west people speak English. As a result, Turkish people need to learn English. Blabla Live has arrived in Turkey to help Turkish people speak English. No matter your age, or your reason for speaking English, Blabla live will be your best friend. 

This whole program runs through the free Blabla Live app you can download from Apple and Google Play. The only time you pay for English lessons is when you want to participate and have one on one tutoring. Otherwise, you can listen to the video training. You can use the chat room and listen in on the group classes for free. You will have unlimited access. You can learn English from scratch, maintain the level you already have by having a daily conversation with English speakers, or grow by joining classes. This is free unless you want one on one teaching.