Difficulties of Language Learning overcome!

Learn English

Languages not only have different sounds, but they also have different sentence structures and different alphabet structures. An alphabet is a set of letters usually presented in a fixed order which is used for writing the words of a particular language or group of languages. These letters can be radical different and can make learning a foreign language difficult. An example is the Russian alphabet and the English alphabet. The Russian alphabet has 31 letters, and the English alphabet has 26 letters. When written the Russian alphabet uses Cyrillic script which is very different to the English form. 

As English has become the international language it can be difficult for Russian people to learn English. However, new technologies have co me to the rescue. You can now learn to speak English using the Blabla Live app. Here you will find 10000 short videos created by native English teachers to assist you to speak English correctly. You can easily learn sentence structure and correct pronunciation from listening to native English speakers on the videos for free. 

Also you can join the RoundTable chat and there you can meet and chat with both native speaking teachers and other ESL students and practice speaking in a safe environment. This Round Table is for free. There are classes you can listen to for free as well.  And if you prefer you can have one on one classes with a native speaking tutor for a small fee. They will personally help you to speak English correctly. These classes are ‘one on one’ or a small group class.  Once you have a native English tutor helping you then it is easy to begin to speak English. The Blabla Live app downloads onto your phone and allows you to learn English anywhere at anytime 24/ 7.