American English differs from British English in several ways

American English differs from British English in several ways. Americans pronounce their words differently which creates a distinct American accent. Their vocabulary is very different. Also, nouns and verb usage are different. 

Let's see some examples. There are several hundred words that are different between British and American English. Some examples are the bonnet and the hood of a car. The British use the word 'bonnet'. Americans use the 'hood'. Likewise, the Americans refer to the 'trunk' and the British refer to the 'boot' where the luggage goes in a car. Americans take ‘vacations’ while the British go ‘on holiday’

When Americans use the past tense of verbs, they will say the ‘ed’ ending. For example, learned, burned, whereas, the British will use learnt or burnt as alternatives. British use tag questions. 

They will say' You do not like him, do you?" This encourages an agreement. Americans will rather ask ‘Do you like him?’

Another difference is seen in the spelling of words. They do not use the letter 'u' in many of their words. The British will write ‘honour’ and the Americans 'honor'. In the end, Americans and British can understand each other most of the time. The Americans tend to use direct simple terms. For example, a drug store, horseback riding where the English will say the chemist and horse riding. 

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