Battling with Verbs

English is a fascinating language with rich diversity. However, because of its diverse people can struggle to learn English. The bedrock of English is the verbs it has. These verbs come in two different groups. You have regular verbs and irregular verbs.  The regular verbs are in the majority and they follow simple rules. Once you learn the rules for one verb you can apply the same rules to all regular verbs. 

However, the irregular verbs are more difficult. They do not have common rules, therefore you need to learn each of them and memorize each one. For example  

Irregular Verbs
Base Form                    Past Simple                Past Participle
awake                           awoke                         awoken
be                                 was, were                   been
beat                              beat                            beaten
become                        became                       become

Regular Verbs
Base Form                     Past Simple               Past Participle
want                                                               wanted
dance                                                             danced 
look                                                                looked
identify                                                          identified

As you can see with the regular verbs, they all receive ‘ed” on their base form to make them past tense. Blabla Live is a new dynamic and growing app. It is an English learning app with a practical system for learning English. It uses videos created by native English speakers, free chat rooms where you can find someone to talk to live in English. This will allow you to exercise your English conversation skills. Then there are live classes you can join. You can join classes and listen to them for free. If you want personal tutoring, one on one tutoring is available for a small fee.