Why learn to speak English?

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According to Ethnologue in 2020, there were 7177 languages spoken on our planet. However, 90 % are spoken by less than 100,000 people. However, the bulk of the people speak a few common languages. However, English is the most spoken language in the world. It is estimated 1.2 billion people speak English worldwide. After English, Mandarin is the next largest language group spoken. This is because China has a massive population. Other languages such as Hindi, Spanish and French are also spoken worldwide.

An amazing 978 million people speak English as a second language. This means that in almost every nation you will find English speakers. In most countries, tourism is dependent on speaking English. In the business world, English is the international language. Even in politics, English becomes a common medium of expression. Not only is English used by these mediums many movies and entertainment mediums use English.

Speaking English has become very important in the world today. Whether you want to learn English for your business career or to speak English to help you when you travel to different countries. It is good to start learning English for business and pleasure pursuits. 

There are very many ways to start to learn to speak English. Some people started to learn English at school. Others grew up in homes where English was spoken. Some want to learn English, but they do not have the time nor the money to go to a language school and study English every day. A mother or a father with a family cannot just drop out of their jobs and go to study English at the local college or university. But you can still learn English easily. You can learn English online. The internet has made learning English easy.

Students at school can use technologies to help them develop speaking English. University students can also use technologies to assist them with speaking English. Much academic learning today is found in English papers and peer-reviewed journals published in English. As a university student knowledge of English will help you source knowledge about your learning subjects and courses.

The newly available technologies are amazing. 'Blabla Live' app is one such technology. You can download the app and watch free English videos. Also, you can sit in on audio classes for free and listen to native English tutors teaching English. There are also personal and group audio lessons available from native English speakers. Finally, there is a Round Table Group where students can have informal chats on the Blabla app.

Blabla Live app is an international English learning platform. It is operating in China, Indonesia, Russia and Ukraine. Japan and South America. People are discovering how easy it is to use this app and to get expert assistance with speaking English. You should investigate this app and see how it can help you to develop your English speaking and fluency. Join the 1.2 billion English speakers on the planet and let your horizons grow and expand.