Many Ways to Learn English

Learn English with BlaBla Live App

Learning English can take many different avenues. Jack Ma, the famous Chinese billionaire and founder of Alibaba, learned English by offeri9ng to guide English tourists visiting China. He would meet them at hotels, and as he travelled with them, he developed his English. He gets ten out of ten for using his initiative! Of course, today, he could have downloaded the Blabla Live app onto his smartphone and learned English more easily.

Others learn English at school and get a basic outline of the rules of English. However, when it comes to speaking English, they know few English speakers who can hold conversations with them, and help them grow. The bottom line of learning English or any foreign language is to speak it. The more you speak it, the easier it becomes. If you speak English with someone more advanced than you, then your whole development increases rapidly. Speaking English with an experienced English speaker will add to your vocabulary and your pronunciation. You will also learn how to build your sentences correctly. You benefit all-round.

I have met people who taught themselves English, using a dictionary, and English movies with subtitles. Again, I salute them for their effort, but it is a very challenging method. You might get the idea of the plot of the movie, but to get a grasp of English grammar and sentence construction is very difficult that way. I met a woman who had an English book. She did not know English, but she began to patiently look up the words in a dictionary and then asked a friend to help her with pronunciation. Today she speaks English, but it was difficult to learn it.

Some people take online lessons and courses. These are very useful, especially WHEN YOU ARE A BEGINNER. You will learn the basic rules of the language and its grammar and vocabulary. Even as you advance, you can still learn from online teachers. However, the real benefit of online English courses and learning apps is to take advantage of regular conversation with English speakers. If you live in a country where English speakers are scarce, then online is where you can find them.

One great way, which is also totally free, is to find English speakers online who are also looking for conversation with others. This becomes mutually beneficial. You both get to practice speaking free of charge. At Blabla Live, you can find this opportunity. Blabla Live has a Round Table Chat room. You can use their app and go into this English chat room. There you can find other English speakers and have conversations with them. Blabla Live also has live English native speakers that are available. You can join audio classes free of charge or organise private lessons for a small fee.