The Unseen Future

Isn't it amazing how, despite our best efforts and plans, the future is always unseen, unknown, and unpredictable? We launched Blabla Live app in Russia and it was done with much planning and expectation. We went to sleep on 22nd February 2022 and woke up with the news that Russian forces had invaded Ukraine. This is the largest invasion in Europe since Hitler started World War 2 and invaded many European countries, including Russia.

We were shocked to hear this. Ukraine has been a sovereign nation whose citizens were going about their everyday lives, working hard, and caring for their families. Suddenly their peaceful lives were shattered by Russian missiles, bombs, helicopter attacks and tank columns moving into the country on three different fronts. It was a full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, the autocratic ruler of Russia. Not only did he invade Ukraine, but he also threatened to start a nuclear war if any nation tried to prevent his invasion. 

We as a company have cancelled our plans to offer our services in Russia, to show our disapproval of the Russian government's actions in Ukraine and our support for Ukraine.   Our hearts go out to the Ukrainians who are as I write under severe bombardment and facing a humanitarian crisis.