BlaBla EdTech joins YCombinator 2020 Summer batch

BlaBla started with a mission to democratize language learning for everyone in the world. Well, you probably think it's just another language learning app, right? In fact, not quite. You probably heard about a 16th-year math teacher with 600K followers on Tiktok. While younger generations have been adjusting their way of learning, education is going to look very different 10 years from now.

Language learning may well be the first being disrupted by this trend. There were 16 billion video views on topics about English learning on Douyin (Tiktok’s Chinese app) in 2019 and over 260K videos uploaded on this topic. There is no surprise that this kind of short video medium will outstrip online tutoring before anyone knows about it. The main issues with online tutoring are expensive courses and inefficient learning environment. Practicing outside of classrooms is very limited if you don’t have a friendly speaking environment around you. Lack of Real-Time Interaction is a major concern for many when it comes to video ESL teaching because it takes out the opportunities for students to interact with teachers.

Therefore, we created the BlaBla app to provide numerous interactive, native short videos. We made great progress since we launched in beta in February and we were accepted into the YC 2020 Summer batch. We were very lucky to work with 3 partners at YC — Tim Brady, Aaron Epstein, and Kevin Lin. They provide us with tons of feedback and advice on Product, Business, and Fundraising. Our YC experience is by far the best education we would ask for.

YC has invested in many successful companies such as Stripe, Dropbox, as well as some great EdTech companies, such as, Clever, Speak, Edwin, etc. The program funds the most promising startups from across the world and provides three months of guidance to ensure companies are on a strong early trajectory. This YC 2020 Summer batch is completely remote so we only meet via Zoom. We now get more time to connect when commuting to places is no longer a problem. It is a win-win situation for every founder.

Joining Y Combinator has fundamentally impacted the shaping of the BlaBla app. YC is a constant force that encourages us to meet our users' demands as fast as we can. Our next goal is to make BlaBla not only a language learning tool but also a social network where learners can practice and learn a language with peers and language instructors. Our creators are more likely to get a competitive and handsome pay by content making and sharing on our platforms. BlaBla will continue to evolve swiftly to enable more language learners to improve their speaking while having fun learning a language.