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Blabla Live - more than just an app, it's a community!

People today are stressed and lonely. Covid has caused people to feel isolated and often separated from colleagues’ family and friends. Before Covid we all went to the office, the shop, the school, or university to work. We were surrounded by our colleagues. After work we could go shopping, go to restaurants and movies, and visit our friends and family. Then that was mostly cut off. Not only Covid causes loneliness, divorce, moving to a new country or even a new job can create a feeling of aloneness. Some people who downloaded Blabla app and told their unique stories. One student told us she lives alone and found the lessons were “feel good” lessons. She says they make her feel good and looks forward to them. This is beyond the excellent English tutoring she was receiving. The personal touch of her tutor made her “feel good “! Another Blabla student had a baby and experienced postpartum depression. She downloaded the app and started lessons. During her lessons she was able to talk to her teachers and be encouraged to ‘open up’ and recover because her teacher was so kind. One woman was depressed because she needed to improve her English for an interview. She was not sure she would pass the English component of the interview. After some lessons specifically ‘on being interviewed’ she came back with the good news that she had been employed. She was so happy she took the Blabla lessons. Blabla is a great English language learning app. The app lets you access 10,000 English language videos created by native English speakers free of charge! There is a free Round Table chat room where you can meet and chat with others who are learning English. You can also have one on one lessons with a tutor for a small fee.

The Amazing Blabla App!

Blabla app is creating an impact around the world. There are exciting developments in different countries. The app is being used by students in China, Japan, Turkey, Ukraine, Europe, and South America. The students are from different walks of life such as professionals needing English for work, students who require English to attend universities, and tourists who want to be able to communicate when they are touring different countries. At the same time, I see some similarities with Latin American market and China market. The Chinese students are very friendly and open. They love using apps and are comfortable with downloading and trying out new apps. They are also at ease using their cell phone numbers when registering online. The South Americans are very similar. The South American students are easy to engage with and to chat to. They are excited about the app and have no issues with using their smart phones and cell phone numbers to register with Blabla. This makes it exciting as they come onboard and start to experience superb English tuition and conversation practice. Both the Chinese students and the South American students are gregarious and love talking to each other on the free Round Table chat room. Don’t be left behind! There is a new wave of English learning technology available using the Blabla app. It is free to download and free to use. You get 10000 videos to watch and learn English from. These were created by native English speakers. There are free chat rooms where you can freely have conversations in English with others. It is a fun way to develop and grow. If you prefer you can have one-on-one lessons with tutors who can help you achieve a high levels in IELTS or TOEIC tests and other English tests. Download the app now and be part of a growing community!